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Frozen Shoulder And Neck Pain

Over 10 years ago I was involved in an automobile accident where my head hit the roof of the car. As a result I herniated a couple of discs in my neck and have suffered from severe neck and upper back stiffness and pain which radiates to my right shoulder/arm.
I visited the orthopedic doctor and was given medication and told to rest. This did not fully help my condition and I lived with the discomfort for years.
Finally and thankfully, I was referred to your office and as a result I experienced immediate freedom of movement and with time significant pain reduction. Today I am pain free! I feel like the cause of my problem was finally addressed in your office and not trying to treat the symptoms. 
Thank you for a great experience in helping recover my health. I would recommend people at least try chiropractic to see if it can help their problem.

Warm Regards,
Gary O.

~~Severe Low Back Pain
Searing Right Shoulder Pain


Dear Dr. Tom,

When I visited your office I was experiencing severe low back pain. I hurt my low back performing squats at the gym.  To make things more complicated, when I was 16 years old I fractured both hips and femurs and had titanium screws put in both hips making my back already a challenge. I tried rest and hot baths and nothing seemed to be helping.

Also, I suffered from searing right shoulder pain. You took the time to teach me that sleeping on my stomach with my right arm was part of the problem.

After receiving your adjustments, my results were better than expected. It has been a gradual process but now I am close to 100%!

Dr. Tom thanks for having a genuine concern and desire to help recover my health. I appreciate your sincerity to help me make a full recovery.

Thank you Dr. Tom you have helped me lead an active pain free lifestyle!


Jason K.

~~Lower Leg and Ankle Pain

April  2013

Dear Dr. Duncan,

I had been a previous patient of yours about 3 years ago. I had a fall this past January that resulted in a fracture of my left tibia (lateral shin) and pulled tendons in the same leg. My medical doctors put me in a boot for 3 months. I did physical therapy and home exercises which consisted of keeping off my feet, raising my feet above my heart, ice packs, taking Aleve for pain and using a cane and a walker!

I decided to return back to you in April, 2013 when my ankle was not improving and I was still in a great deal of pain. After just 3 adjustments and 3 laser treatments I was walking normal, no pain, no cane or walker!

As a result I have referred my family and friends to you! I did not know chiropractic care could ease the pain so well! I have never received chiropractic care before you, but I appreciate your level of care and interest in treating my pain made all the difference in my recovery.

Thanks Dr. Tom and Kim, I had a pain free week during my trip to Baton Rouge, La.

~ Faye 05/20/2013

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr Guinn.

Bryan R.
Cornelius, NC

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